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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  August 17, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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warren hall comes down. the 13-story building... which . good evening, warren hall comes down. the 13 story building which
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served as a hayward landmark for more than four decades was demolished in seconds on the cal state campus. sizemologist say it would have been do dangerous. >> we were on hand for today's implosion. ryan? >> reporter: the hayward fault is just about a mile away. seismologists wanted to take advantage of this and reare act to this fall. they're getting ready for the next big quake. >> pirched 13 stories hall, a view of warren hall was in the background. there were many reasons to watch it go. >> for rob warren, it was personal. >> the building is named after my grandfather. his grandfather helped bring cal state hayward. >> if you talked to people who came to cal state, or who grew up in the area, it's a real
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icon. >> it was until, boom. but warren hall had to go. it was the worst earthquake hazard in the cal state system. >> i wasn't expecting it to be so spectacular. she didn't know how much the tower meant to her. >> we would watch it all the way until you couldn't see it any more. that's where it kind of hit me, from childhood. researchers are fond of the implosion for a number of reasons. >> i could feel it in my feet. i was looking for the ground motion, myself. >> this week they put 600 sensors around campus, close to the hayward fault, but won't get the information back for months. >> for something that took ten
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seconds, there's to be a lasting impact. >> my family being here, and everybody and seeing this landmark that i've grown up with for so long going down, it just kind of got me. >> the us geological service will go through the data later in the week. >> did they get the kind of data they were hoping to? >> they don't know yet because the sensors are recorded. >> you heard that seismologist say he felt it in his feet. they're optimistic. >> all right. thank you. crowds gather ared toered to
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watch the best of the louis vuitton race. italy's luna rosa got out of the race. >> in oakland, a shiet shooting happened today. >> what happened, don >> reporter: it happened a about eight minutes after 4:00. apparently somebody left the person in the car. some other people came by, kicked in the window, and grabbed a purse. >> the boyfriend of the woman who ran after the purse, they ran after them. the guys got the purse back. at some point, the guy who took the purse came back and started firing.
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four people shot, one person critical, three in stable. >> a woman who saw this is nina joiner. let's see if we can talk to her now. >> you could hear a succession of rapid firing. >> i look over to my left, and that's when i saw the young man -- a young man, woman, hollering and screaming. i ran over there because i know them. she talks about this neighborhood and what has to be done and everybody who's seeing these shootings lately. and everyone concerned none of this help is coming. >> then we have this state of crime, this one very violent. we're in telegraph in downtown oakland. obviously a sad situation here, and no help insight. the people are concerned. >> thank you. >> and today's shooting comes
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after a shooting at a birthday party at 105th avenue. a 3rd man is in critical condition. police are trying to figure out if a 4th man who showed up at a hospital was also at the party. police have no motive and no arrests. >> and that shooting happen close to where 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son, drew were shot. >> well, technology does a lot to make our lives easier. here's a frightening thought that same technology providing us with comforts is making it easier for hackers to enter our homes. imagine your 2-year-old daughter is sleeping and someone is watching her through a monitor. >> when they heard a man
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reading her name off of her wall. the gilberts believe their device was hacked. >> it felt like somebody broke into their house. >> someone kind of did. as home automation becomes popular. there are more ways to hack your house and devices are vulnerable. >> i can tell the device to please unlock the door. >> that's a hacker telling it to unlock your door. it enables you to control it from your smart phone. >> i can run code, set up a back door, or control any device hooked up to it. >> in a world hooked up to these devices that let you flush your toilet to turn on your lights, a hacker could make your house feel haunted. >> i could open up any of these rooms i wanted to. >> sound like something casper
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would do? the security researchers found an issue with this hub that enabled them to take control of the guys. >> a similar you'll have fer ability was found in a children's toy. it synched to a smart phone. >> i pulled from it a urd which was the direct video feed. >> as long as it was still valid and hadn't been expired yet, i could watch that video feed. >> they have fixed the issues by these. verali requires a hacker requires an in secure connection and they say always put a strong password on your internet connection, keep your software up-to-date, and never click on
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links from strangers. >> the babies of the monitor and you toy rabbit have not commented on the security issues brought up. a big help to mother nature, one small step at a time, what you can do to help preserve the bee population. >> the sky was so beautiful today with the tropical clouds floating around, and now we have fog forming at the coast. and the advisories and the watches you need to know about as the news continues with your pinpoint forecast right here. we'll be right back. ,,
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out why honey bees are dyin bees are dying. is it because of pesiticides... a other man-made factors --- perhaps drought? all the . scientists are trying to figure out why honey bees are dying. is it because of pesticides or perhaps drought? all they know is every year the bees numbers get smaller and no bees would spell disasters for the food chain. we'll show you how one woman is working to make her honey bees count. >> i bet if i asked you how many bees per hour your backyard has, you might not know.
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>> gretchen spent her day counting as many bees as she could, after that loading the numbers into a database through her smart phone. >> we're losing more than we used to. about 30 percent are getting lost rather than the historic sort of 15% background lost. >> she's part of the great bee count six years running. gretchen received counts from the netherlands and brazil. >> this is a great spot because this is a hard time of year in california for bees because it's so dry. if you turned your camera around and shined it up in the hills here, you would see that it's your bare. there's not much in bloom. >> a lack of rain is the main colporate. >> we are losing native honey bees. >> you can go out there, sit there for ten minutes, get a measure and compare it to your zip code, to california's
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estate, and to theination -- nation and have a sense of how your community's doing. >> and how to help the bee population survive. >> one thing is having a diversity of flowers, another adding a water element, a dish with some pebble for bees to drink from and the 3rd is being careful about what pesticides to use. >> patrick sedio kpix 5. >> one out of three bites of the food a depends on pollinators, especially bees. >> and the brain disease you might be able to ward off by keeping your teeth clean. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prevent alzheimer's disease. scientists who studied brain samples from . heater another good reason to floss, it could help prevent alzooim er alzheim eshgs rshgser's disease. they say good dental care, including regular flossing could help protect against dementia. today was kind of muggy, inland, east bay. >> did you see the beautiful clouds draping across the sky? >> it was pretty.
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now we have another kind of storm developing across the coast. the low clouds building off the seashore. we even have some patchy fog near the avenues and ocean beach. currently, our live high deaf doppler, nothing locally, but we head to the tahoe area. a little bit of light rain showers. pahawthorne was picking up a thunder boom. that is what the commute looks like into the city if you're heading out for dinner plans. it's a wonderful evening in progress. 64 in san francisco, santa rosa in the 80s. all of this associated with a tropical moisture. temperatures have gone up in the
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past few minutes. 83 in dubland. it was 13, southerly wind. tomorrow a spike in the temperatures everywhere and we have an unsettled forecast for monday and tuesday. today's hi, 60 at seashore, 74 in oakland, and it was nearly 90 in fairfield, which is typical this time of the year. 50s and 60s and muggy overnight. there you have some tropical moisture, working its way off the coast. something interesting's going to happen tomorrow. especially inland, heating up. low pressure playing a part producing a slight thunderstorm activity on monday and tuesday. so, tomorrow, a spare the air day with the hotter temperatures, especially east of the bay and a fire weather watch tuesday night with that daily threat of a thunderstorm containing some hail. tomorrow, not so much. >> 60s, muggy, partly sunny
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along the beaches. >> 70s, 80s, around the peninsula. mid-90s. >> and flirting with triple digits, and 100 in antioch and brentwood. head upstream. we're talking 103 in ukiaa, and 103 in clear lake, and muggy and hotter sunday. >> a chance of a thunderstorm monday and tuesday, dryer air mass working into the area, and dryer conditions through saturday. it will continuing to interesting through tuesday evening. >> she finds it fascinating. >> thank you. >> all right. it's baseball. this is the time of year players start getting injuries, and the injury bug has bit the a's a little bit here. their best starting pitcher is going to miss sometime, and miguel tejada is in some trouble
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for matt cain who entered h start with a seven and eight . the giants pounded out 14 runs and 19 hits in miami. not as much rub sport for matt rain who entered in a record with pablo sandovol. >> the panda get fist save. but pablo was shaken up.
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still in the 4th, blanco lines one to center. jake can't come up with it. two runs score, and right now, it is 6-2 giants in the bottom of the 8th. >> former athletic and giant, miguel tejada has become the latest to violate the drug policy of the mlb. he tested positive for amphetamines twice this season and has been suspended 105 games. this is the 3rd violation of the american mvp of the he said he admits to making the mistake. he said he was using adarall for add. >> colon hasn't made it past the 4th. he was scheduled to start tomorrow but will be replaced by
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tommy malone, most likely. >> and cocoa crisp is not expected to be back in the lineup. >> and some excitement for the new 49er. >> i hope we snag them up. >> smith was under pressure the entire evening. sacked three times and even took a helmet to helmet hit from tony jerrod eddie. >> he didn't get much help from his teammates. he misplayed the entire first half completing seven of 16 passes for 62 yards. >> it felt a lot like going against my brother. i remember the first too many i ever played against one of my former teammates. it was a great thrill of competition, and i'm sure that he felt that tonight. it's personal.
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in the best kind of way. we'll be following him. >> it was kind of weird, but i'm happy for him. i'm happy that he's on a team that he could have a great year. i want him to have a great year. >> i can't tell you how weird that was. it was a little awkward at first, but i'm a happy for him and i wish him off the best. >> and the final pre season college football poll is out and the ap has stanford at number 4. it's their highest pre season rank in school history. >> alabama is ranked number 1 and will try to become the first team to win three straight titles. >> the fastest man in the world, looking to add to his resume in the 200-meter dash. it wasn't even close. he surges forward and runs away with it. it doesn't look like he's trying to hard. he lets up at the end and still winds with a time of 19.66, with his 3rd straight 200-meter title. >> it's been a while since anyone's heard from dale city
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fighter, anna, the hurricane. a former world champion. she'll fight cilina salazar. >> it's a goal that would help put women's boxing in the spotlight. >> it's all about getting respect for the efforts that i do and have the message that i have and have people just, you know, bound on it and support it and to have things like this where there may be an opportunity for women's boxing to be on a major network platform and break the doors open, just kind of revolutionize how the sport is right now. . >> from korea, she goes by one
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name, tammy. roberta, you may want to add that move to your resume. thank you. how cool is this outfit? a northern california just got his very own space suit. tonight, at 10 and 11:00, who handed it over, making it even more special. all right. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you at 11 until then. our news and weather is on good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome to eye on the bay.
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tonight we're going somewhere in the bay area where you can get yodeling. >> and somewhere you can rent and sleep in the scottish castle. where old steam engines still ride the city. >> and along the way, this, the tallest covered bridge in the entire country. and where are we? >> welcome to state route 9 in the santa cruz mountains. this just happens to be this young lady's neighborhood. thui just happens to live near the trip where we're going commence. >> hey, welcome to the h
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